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Claiming That Biafra Is 5 South East States Is Fallacy, You Can’t Draw Our Boundaries For Us – Simon Tells UK



Good evening, Good morning, Good afternoon Fellow Biafrans and Lovers of Freedom.

Good evening Leaders, Decision-makers, those whom the issue of Biafra may come to their tables very soon, I bring to you a very fraternal greeting this evening from my end.


This is a live Broadcast, State of the Nation Address today, the 17th day of August 2022.


I have come here today to address Biafrans on this very important State of the Nation Broadcast.

When you look at at time, you would understand that we have spent about 42 minutes listening to different stories: the stories that are propelling us, the stories that have made us who we are today, the stories that have given us bravery, the stories that have made us strong, the stories that are making us to leave Nigeria, the stories that will make us to fight, and exit Nigeiria by 2023, the stories that are gonna make us to never allow any Election conducted by caliphated Nigerian Government in Biafran Territory by 2023.

You have listened to these stories for over 40 minutes. First was the State of the Nation Broadcast by our then  leader, the eternal leader of the Biafran people, Ikemba Nnewi.

Followed by the lamentations of our current and present supreme leader, in the name of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, when he knew he was going to be betrayed.


That is not what we are here today for. Fellow Biafrans, nothing can crush the spirit of the determined people. The war of aggression from the caliphated Nigerian State cannot stop  BIAFRA from breakaway by 2023.

You know people say we always reveal our secrets on social media, we always tell our plans. Somehow that is partly true; on the other hand, that is also somehow not true. They say we should learn from Fulani, we should learn from Bandits, or we should learn form terrorist Boko Haram and Co. That they never make their plans or what they’re trying to do, public. Today, I want to inform you that we are not the same with Bandits, we are not the same as Boko Haram, we are not the same with Fulani. That is why some of the things we do, we make them open. Because we can never be the same with the Fulani, we can never be the same with those  who came and still from different parts of Africa to kill our people; that is why we do things differently.

So, going forward, you will continue to hear our plans publicly, some of them plans on social media.

Today, I want to respond to you that we are not the same with them; we are fighting for Freedom, to have the right to govern ourselves, to make the future as a people. In case you do not know little about terrorists, the terrorists ideology is completely different from ours.

One of the terrorist leaders called  Abdul Musab Amsuri, as one of the main Al-Qaeda ideologues, has championed a massive social indoctrination campaign for the promotion of the tenets of militant Jihadism among Muslims worldwide. This ideology seems to have made deep inroads  around the world.

Self-described Jihadists rely heavily on the promotion of suicide martyrdom, claiming that their rewards referred to the islamic scriptures will be accorded to those who carry out such acts. That is who terrorists are, completely different from us, completely different from what we do. We can never be terrorists, we can never believe in  terrorist ideology on suicide bombing or suicide attack. The suicide terrorists are not seen as cold blooded-killers, but as the “smartest” and “heroes” in the eyes of many of those with  twisted values. This syndrome occurs slowly, and eats up the psyche of the individual. Recall, suicide terrorism first found acceptance in Palestine overtime. It was increasingly used for fighting “occupiers” in Afghanistan, Iraq and many more places around the world. We can never have the same ideology with terrorists. That is why our activities are sometimes made public.

Chillingly, there is also a minority muslim endorsement for suicide terrorism even inside the United Kingdom. Likewise, female-involved terrorism has become more commonplace and the debate  among terrorism perpetrators has even extended to wider biological and radiological weapons. They have no problems justifying the use.

Al-Qaeda and its affiliates are experts in taking advantage of local conflicts and grievances and adopting the ideology to local circumstances. We can never be the same, the ideology is completely different. To fight terrorism is why we are having this particular State of the Nation Address today, as they are now in our land; and the land is under siege, both from the state terrorists and from the non-state terrorists. You can address them as non-state-actors and state-actors. To fight terrorism therefore we must understand the premise of the so-called Islamic ideologues; and attempt to reverse the radicalisation in the mainstream Islamic discourse. Furthermore, we must understand its fundamentals for us to defeat the terrorists in our land. We are putting the world on notice, the world and its communities have to bear us witness on our civil approach to resolve the crisis -the way Nigeria treats us.

The world can bear us witness that we have  applied every civil  approach to resolve this conflict, to resolve the killings, to resolve the genocide, to resolve the crime against humanity being meted on Biafrans since 1945. The world can bear us witness that we, the Biafran people, have tried everything to resolve this amicably .


In return, they mock us, they take us for granted, they say we are cowards, they say fight for your freedom. It did not end there: they have blackmailed and labelled us with all manner of degrading names because we appear to have always “succumbed” to their pressure. The approach we have chosen, which is the civil approach, has NOT worked. We therefore cannot stand idly and watch the total extermination of our people by the Fulani, by the caliphated federal government that are sponsoring terrorists and recruiting them into Nigerian Army and their Security Agencies.

It has to be said that our period of mercy is therefore over. Our period of mercy has  elapsed, our ultimatum has indeed elapsed for the past two days. We have done everything that was needed to be done to ensure the security of lives and properties in Biafraland and Nigeria at large. But today, the caliphated federal government as the Fulani-controlled  government has demonstrated absolutely zero sensitivity about their direct involvement in the killings of Biafran people and other indigenous peoples in  Nigeria. They have not hidden their agenda and have not shown any remorse whatsoever in aiding and abating terrorist  attacks on our people.


They have directly sponsored and sustained the extermination of different communities from Niger State, down to Kaduna State, down to Benue State, down to the Southern part of  the country. You can agree with me that the evidence abounds of the Nigerian State involvement. Everybody is shouting about it.

The difference we are going to make is that the Biafra people have taken it upon themselves to make a difference. I am telling you again today that Nigeria has been under siege. The federal government of Nigeria does not care. Instead, it is supporting the attacks and INVASION by foreign terrorists into our land -they destroy lives and properties as they invade, chasing people away who then  run to IDP camps.

Since the Nigeria Government has chosen to shield and protect the invaders and the terrorists from North Africa, from the eastern part of Africa, from Senegambia and other parts of the world over its own citizens, we have no option, we have absolutely no other option but to defend our land with everything we have.

Dambazo was the one who paid 1billion naira for 2 consecutive years  to Fulani terrorists to stop killing Nigerians. The records are there. Today, he said that it was to eliminate the state-actors.

I want you to understand what these state-actors mean:

1) State-actors are the police;

2) State-actors are the military;

3) State-actors are the Civil Defense; and

4) State-actors are the Customs.


Imo State governor, according to a Report, was said to have concluded plans to set up Imo State Vigilante Outfit to replace “Ebubeagu” as a result of the killings by the same Ebubeagu.


The Governor of Imo state acknowledged that there has been so many Killings by the Ebubeagu, but after this acknowledgement and “guilty plea”, nobody  has been condemned,  international community has not come to arrest and prosecute him. How do you now after admitting that Ebubeagu have killed en masse, only to come and tell us they want to change Ebubeagu to Imo State Security Outfit. At the same time, the so-called politicians continue to keep  mute.  Of course, they have overlooked the “guilty plea” of Hope Uzodinma of Imo State. It must be said that the manner in which Ebubeagu have killed Biafrans is unacceptable. So, I want you all to understand that today is going to be a new beginning in Biafra liberation.

Claiming That Biafraland Is 5 South-East States Is Fallacy, You Can’t Draw Our Boundaries For Us – Simon Tells UK

Let us go to the United kingdom. The country’s policy and information report notes that “the United kingdom claimed that BIAFRA is a loosely defined area in the Southeast of Nigeria that lawfully  correspond to the state of Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Anambra”. This is a fallacy! We want to send this message to the UK: you do not define where  BIAFRA is, and where  BIAFRA is not. BIAFRA is not only Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu and Anambra. Get it into your head.

The area is Habitat, according to to them, principally to the Igbo people who are one of the 3 largest ethnic groups in the country.

We must from today correct the UK government and anyone listening that it is a Fallacy and a joke taken too far as to what is being said about us. Know it that the Biafran territory is undisputed irrespective of our differences, yes irrespective of our political differences.  We are setting the records very straight today, that BIAFRA comprises of the old Eastern Region of Nigeria. Continuously over time, the integrity of the boundaries have been grossly violated and distorted by the Nigerian State; and of course, with the UK acting underground to help annihilate us in order to claim our name and resources. Additionally, Biafran map stretches to the present day, from lower Kogi State to lower Benue State, respectively.

We must show our readiness to exit Nigeria by 2023 as follows:

1) Anywhere you see state-actors, be it military, be it paramilitary, whether  state-actors or non-state-actors, it does not matter because they all are “declared terrorists” now. Anywhere you see Fulani herdsmen carrying AK-47 in our land, anywhere you see  Bandits confront them from tonight.

Anywhere you see them in Biafraland engage them from tonight. We have entered the Liberation phase of Biafran Freedom. It is going to be from this night until our Nation is restored by 2023.

2) From this night, the enforcement of open-grazing kicks off. That is, ban on open grazing in Biafraland starts from tonight. Any cows you see anywhere especially in our farmlands, bring them down. We ban the movement of cows in BIAFRA from tonight, and of course to show our readiness to leave Nigeria by 2023 .

3) From tonight, we declare every military, police , and customs checkpoint in Biafraland a terrorist zone. We do not want to see  any checkpoint of any military, any police, any customs because we have now confirmed that most of the military and police checkpoints etcetera are where the kidnappings are taking place. They kidnap at  every 2 kilometers away  from those  checkpoints. Our people are being abducted right behind the military checkpoints. Now we are going to know and  we are going to fight the Fulani Bandits.

4) From tonight, we hereby suspend and ban every use of siren in Biafran territory for  we have entered the Liberation of BIAFRA, and this Liberation involves armed  struggle. Our freedom can never ever be exchanged for anything. Anybody that is using siren, you will have the Biafran people people to contend with.

5) The Operation of the terrorist group called Ebubeagu, the Operation of the terrorist group called AVG or any other nomenclature  in Biafraland, from tonight, is banned. Any  person or any group parading himself or themselves as  Ebubeagu or AVG or any nomenclature is, from tonight, declared terrorist(s) because they have killed and maimed our people when every other person watched: the governors watched,  the politicians watched, while the Government enjoyed the killings.

6) Going forward, and to continue to show  readiness to leave Nigeria by 2023, we will leave no stone unturned. The high level of insecurity is exposing our people to danger every day.

The gathering of people in Biafraland is Hereby suspended. Gatherings, political campaigns, are hereby banned. I am telling you the fact that this is the resolve of the  BIAFRAN people. Political campaigns, from tonight, are hereby banned and what we are going to do is this: Whenever political gathering or campaign is scheduled anywhere in the old Eastern Region, there will be Sit-At-Home. It does not matter where. I want you to pay attention very very well, it does not matter where that political campaign is being organized. I want you people to know that for  the past one year, a major part of the South East or the entire South East has observed Sit-At-Home. Therefore, the the gathering of any political campaign is hereby banned until further  notice.

We are doing this because our freedom and our safety can never ever be traded or exchanged for something else. We have endured enough and the time has come for you to be ready.

7) To continue to show the world our readiness to leave or to break away from Nigeria by 2023 for our safety and Freedom,  and even for us to have the opportunity to leave in few weeks time, starting from Tonight,  the BIAFRAN FLAG will be raised very high. In few weeks from today, Biafran Flag will be raised very very high in all provinces of  BIAFRALAND. Anywhere you see this Biafran Flag, know that that Territory belongs to BIAFRAN REPUBLIC.

Finally, to ensure that we have proper co-ordination of our men on ground, we hereby appoint General I.N. Orji of the Biafran National Guard (BNG) as the Commander-General of the Armed Forces of Biafra. To this end, every unit of our armed forces should be at alert for the upcoming instructions. I want you all to understand that all ESN commands and other Biafran Security Entities are also to be at alert and wait for further instructions. The ESN commands will be briefed on the next step and on the way forward. Those Alliances and other Brothers-in-Arms that have come together for Biafra to be restored next year 2023 are hereby instructed to wait for further instructions as well.


Thank you all, May God bless Biafra,


May God protect you all as we officially enter the liberation phase from tonight.


I remain Simon Ekpa, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s disciple on Biafra Restoration and by the special Grace of God the spiritual son of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on Biafran Liberation and still by the special Grace of God the Spokesperson for the BIAFRAN PEOPLE.



May God Bless you and May God Bless Biafra.



From here, Good evening.



Transcripted By: Freeman Obialor

Edited by: Mazi James Duruoha.

For: Biafran Writers Of Conscience [BWOC]

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