Those Who Packaged The Disaster Called Buhari As INCORRUPTIBLE In 2015 Are Now Repackaging ATIKU As A UNIFIER In 2022


People Who Packaged The Disaster Called Gen. M Buhari As Incorruptible In 2015 Are Now Repacking ATIKU As A Unifier In 2022

By Marvelous Nnatu

General Muhammadu Buhari

In 2015 Gen. Muhammadu Buhari a certified bigot, Islamic fundamentalist, a liar, perjurer, coupist and unrepentant criminal was foisted on Nigerians by a group of morons including the clergies and those that claim to be statesmen.

The bigoted Jihadist filled all the sensitive positions in Nigeria with his Fulani kinsmen who according to the bigoted fool, were not corrupt so as to enable Nigeria work. Remember, the fool said he can only work with those he can trust who all turned out to be the worst criminals Nigeria ever produced.

What the Jihadist didn’t tell you was his clear agenda which he sought to accomplish through RUGA but was resisted by Nigerians.

The Fulani dominated cabinet proved the worst among the lot. It can be rightly said today that the most corrupt ethnic group in Nigeria is Fulani. They finally ruined the lives of millions of Nigerians.

Today Nigeria is in chaos through the activities of Buhari’s kinsmen in government and those that took over our forests where they reduced life to nothing.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Nigerians who chose Buhari, a Fulani man in 2015 to ruin their lives have found another messiah in Atiku Abubakar another Fulani man with proven case of corruption.

In 2015 they called Buhari the incorruptible while in 2022 they are calling Atiku the unifier.

To unify what and who?

Did Nigerians tell you that their problem is unity and can you explain what you mean by unity?

The devil must be a native of Nigeria.

Let me sound this note of advice to those championing this evil. You and your children will continue to pay with your lives and blood for the sin you are trying to institute today.

Don’t think that we all are fools.

You are planning to replace one evil with another evil. Are the Fulanis the owners of Nigeria? God punish all of you. This is no longer politics. You all are mad, as in you have madness in your gene.

Even if you run abroad after this charade to escape the consequences of this abnormality like many of those who brought Buhari in 2015 are currently doing, may the evil you sowed in Nigeria continue to hunt you and your families wherever you hide abroad.



In 2015, the people that packaged Buhari shielded him from interview because they knew he was as dumb as stone. They were very deliberate in their evil.

Buhari lied about his WAEC Certificate but they defended him.

He lied about his age but they defended him.

He was a former coup plotter who ran one of the worst military governments and was not qualified to lead human beings but they covered him.

He was a cold blood murderer but they eulogised him all over the media.

His antecedent was replete with very unpleasant memories huge enough to make them shudder in their evil but they stood behind this criminal.

They even hired more than 15 SANs to defend him in court.

Just because he was Fulani and they desperately wanted to use him to unseat Jonathan.


Take note that the only people qualified to unseat each successive bad government is another bad Fulani.

They told us to vote Buhari and think Osibanjo.

They even claimed that even if he had NEPA certificate that they still wouldn’t mind voting him.

Today, those IDIOTS are scrutinising Peter Obi’s credentials, a man of impeccable character with verifiable track record.

They are on every platform lying as usual and inventing stories to discredit a good man yet when I tell you Nigeria is cursed and irredeemable some of you don’t really understand.

The only reason why Peter Obi is the most scrutinised candidate in the annals of Nigerian electoral history is simply because he is Igbo and not because they are seeking to get the best. Ordinarily, those who gave Nigeria a Buhari shouldn’t be losing sleep over a Peter Obi but the reverse is the case.

The people scrutinising Peter Obi today were loaded with information about the evil a Mohammed Buhari represents.

It is horrible that after 8 years of horrendous leadership and unprecedented suffering, millions of people across Nigeria are still marketing these criminals to keep damaging their lives. How exactly do you define a curse?

May God continue to punish Nigeria until the country goes into extinction.

I can’t afford to be in the same country with these animals.

A country of wicked people, liars, hypocrites, soulless murderers, ritualists, promoters of evil, lovers of crime, terrorists, bribery and corruption, moral prostitutes, inventors of everything bad etc.

These people are cursed. Those coming after Buhari, Osibanjo, Tinubu etc are even more evil and wicked than their fathers.

Wickedness is at the foundation of this country and I can’t see good people of this country making progress in darkness. The darkness over Nigeria is so thick that except we separate the future would be horrible.

The signs are already hovering over the country.

None of the candidates can campaign on insecurity today without the risk of losing the election because to mention Fulani herdsmen and their menace to our people and to openly discuss how to tackle Islamic terrorism is enough to cause one lose election. This is the terrible condition Nigerians found themselves today.

Thus, I believe that it is only a curse that would force people to always settle for criminals as their choice of leaders and be looking at the wrong places for redemption.

Cursed people can never see anything good and will always settle for darkness.

This explains why Nigeria has been progressing from darkness to a darker form of darkness since 1960.

May Nigeria be totally destroyed and balksnised.

May we go our separate ways so that each region will choose their own criminals to manage their lives in peace.

Until India separates from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan she never made progress.

Until Singapore separates from Malaysia she never made progress.

Until South Sudan separates from the terrorist Sudanese government they never knew peace.

Until Abraham separates from Lot he never saw clearly.

Nigeria did not originate from God. It was a British criminal construct. Why must we come together to reinforce this criminal embodiment to our detriment?

Are the signs not clear enough for us to see where this country is headed to?

Separation is good in bad marriage.

I hate evil

I hate Nigeria.

Anyone that detests evil ought to hate Nigeria.

Nigeria is cursed.

and Nigeria is irredeemable

On separation not unity I fully Stand.

All the moral lepers and pious criminals who indirectly voted Osibanjo in 2015 hoping for Buhari to die in office are currently gathering under Ahmed Tinubu the grand master of crime in Yorubaland.

Remember I told you that the reason why these moral infidels and hypocrites hated Buhari wasn’t altruistic but because he did not give them access to the national coffers to replicate their crime in Abuja.

They found it difficult to market Tinubu, a man with history of crime and a totally damaged product who is only relevant to his circle of rent seekers and hungry charlatans across Nigeria.

Their new obsession is Peter Obi.

May Nigeria never succeed.


May this evil Lugard contraption continue to progress from one darkness to another from one problem to another until the country goes into extinction.

Progress is only achievable in a divided not united Nigeria.


For 7 and half years Professor Yemi Osibanjo’s primary role was to do the hatchet job for Buhari.

Hear no evil.

See no evil.

Talk no evil.

But defend every evil.

He saw nothing wrong with Nigeria.

He heard nothing wrong with Nigeria.

He defended the worst government policies of Buhari with his blood.


Much was expected from him by those who appointed him but he ended up a colossal failure.


To put it mildly, Lawrence Anini, the notorious armed robber from Benin had better conscience than Yemi Osibanjo, an RCCG Pastor.


At least, history recorded that Anini distributed his “hard earned money” to market women like Osibanjo to lift them out of poverty.


As a start, after many years in office Osibanjo blamed the terrible economic downturn to PDP’s 16 years in government not withstanding Buhari’s terrible and woeful economic policies that depended on borrowing in pursuit of hubris.


On insecurity, Yemi Osibanjo said that insecurity in Nigeria was “grossly exaggerated” meaning that Boko Haram’s attacks, Fulani herdsmen attacks, his RUGA prevarications, hacking of death of Bridget Agbahime and Deaconess Eunice Olawale both of Deeper Life and RCCG were grossly exaggerated.


On employment, he said that they lifted 10 million people out of poverty by sharing N10,000 to market women.


On Buhari’s brutality, he claimed that Buhari was a very good man who also treats him like his son.


Osibanjo neglected his primary constituency as a Christian and sold his conscience to the Devil for 7 years for the simple reason that he wanted to endear himself to Buhari a murderer hoping to be appointed his successor.


Loyalty to principle and to conscience is one of the greatest assets we must cherish.


Principle is the sum total of man.


Sadly, Yemi Osibanjo seems to possess it in small quantity.


Today, just like Rotimi Amaechi, the Afonja of Ubima, Yemi Osibanjo, the Afonja of Ikenne’s dream has crashed.


They are now in the wrong side of history.


He will return home after 8 woeful years in Abuja as a defeated man.


History will remember him as Professor and Pastor Who came, Saw,

But was conquered By his ambition and greed.


In all your gettings get principle.

In all your pursuits pursue conscience.

They will safeguard you even when no one is standing with you.

NIGERIA to Disintegrate in 2023, Listen to the video 👇

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