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FACT CHECK; Is Nigeria Indivisible As Claimed By Some Politicians ?


Addressing these Facts in the Press Release of the President of Nigeria, Major General Mohamed Buhari, through Nigeria Media on 11/08/2022.


Was there Nigeria before 1960?

Nigeria became a British protectorate in 1901. The period of British rule lasted until 1960 when an independence movement led to the country being granted independence. Nigeria first became a republic in 1963, but succumbed to military rule three years later, after a bloody coup d’état.

As Protectorate, it means a state that is controlled and protected by another

The question is has Nigeria been one?

You know the answer to this question already, Nigeria as a British protectorate after 1960 has been divided along the ethnic line,

In Nigeria today this man in Aso-Rock called President Buhari has divided Nigeria and yet He still comes out today and opens his mouth to talk about Nigeria must be one, Nigeria is a British protectorate consisting of Christians and Muslims but in Nigeria today all political appointments have been one-sided which is the Muslims only and yet this man still comes out today and open his brushless mouth to talk rubbish.

Let me state these FACTS here you can’t divide Nigeria and still turn around to say Nigeria must be one, it is only a man who is insane that can say this after years of one-sided political appointment and rule.

Those who believe in one Nigeria are all criminals this is the fact, that they are beneficial to the corrupt system, and these are the looters of Nigeria’s natural resources in partnership with their British counterparts. After the looting, the money is laundered to the UK, US, EU, Dubai, and any other foreign nations of the world.

Addressing the press release below shows how the United Nations and Africa Union (AU) are involved in keeping Nigeria one and supervised by the British; Nigeria must be one even if all international laws are violated,

Below is the unspeakable comment by the President of Nigeria Mohamed Buhari

‘‘The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), on Tuesday 11/August 202, said his regime was determined to keep the country together.

Reminiscing the gory civil war from 1967 – 1970, the President said the price had been paid to ensure Nigeria’s unity. Therefore, political leaders must uphold the ultimate objective of promoting the interest of the country.

According to a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, Buhari said this when he received former State Chairmen of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change at the State House, Abuja.

The statement was titled, ‘We are Nigerians, God willing we will remain Nigerians, and Nigeria will remain one, says President Buhari.’

The President said the self-centeredness that led to the loss of about a million lives between 1967-1970 must not be allowed to repeat itself, noting that the CPC was founded on the bedrock of patriotism and loyalty to the unity of Nigeria.

He said, “Our main objective is the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We are human beings. We have our weaknesses, but I can assure you that the patriotism in us is hard-earned. We have gone through all the troubles from 15th of January 1966 to date. You know what I mean by this, we have killed a million of ourselves in order to keep this country together.

“I don’t think there can be any practical experience more than that. We are Nigerians, God willing, we remain Nigerians and Nigeria will remain one.”

After reading this release you would agree with me that in the new Biafra War we will make them pay for the millions of our people that were killed by the Nigeria Military, supported and supervised by the British,

Today the United Nations and EU continue to turn a blind eye to the facts that open genocide and starvation of our people who were left after the war was committed by the Nigerian state.

Mohamed Buhari continue to express his satisfaction with killing millions of Biafra’s

Here he said;

‘We have gone through all the troubles from 15th of January 1966 to date. You know what I mean by this, we have killed a million of ourselves in order to keep this country together.’

The President of Nigeria Mohamed Buhari has continued to boast about the above statement, without remorse this got to show why He has continued to massacre the indigenous people of Biafra to date as we speak the Nigeria Military is still burning and killing the people from the Old Eastern Region in Nigeria, and the world is watching while the British supervise it.



As enshrined in the UN charter, the Biafra referendum is not negotiable, we have taken up arms and soon we will march,

Let it be known to the world and the international community that, we were never Nigeria and can never be.

We cannot coexist with people with different ideologies, religions, and cultures we were never one.

Since the man in ASOROCK refuses to release our Leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, and conduct a referendum, we the indigenous people of Biafra shall take our freedom by force.



The Nigeria state has concluded to kill all Non-Muslims in Nigeria,

The Nigeria state has invited all terrorists across the Sahel to come to take over Nigeria.

Today in Nigeria all political appointments are only for the Muslims, I mean all

You can only see 1% of Christians in the appointment of President Mohamed Buhari the evidence is there in public.

We cannot co-exist in a country with two different laws namely; the Nigeria 1999 Constitution and the Sharia law

The current President of Nigeria Mohamed Buhari said and I quote

” An attack on Boko haram is an attack on the North’’,

And you want us the Biafra people to be part of this entity, you must be a fool.



We have decided to take our destiny into our hands since the AU, UN, EU US, and the world have turned a blind eye to the event unfolding in Nigeria. Soon we shall match let the world don’t say we didn’t inform them.

Reviewed By Ikechukwu Benneth


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