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Could you Date a “Sugar Daddy?”

Many daters gravitate towards what they know when they are satisfying possible times – like individuals with exactly the same education, socio-economic or spiritual...

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The Very Best Sexting Apps

Flirt along with your fingertips by way of These NSFW AppsThe AskMen editorial group completely researches & product reviews a gear, services and basics...

MeetMilfy Review in 2020


Tips Date After Divorce

Matchmaking after divorce proceedings is a tricky web to incorporate. You will find 1000s of variables and medians, plus all of that some other...

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Why Does Britain Allow Nnamdi Kanu’s, A British Citizen’s Rights To Be Violated ?

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is a British Citizen whose Fundamental Human Rights have been violated through illegal abduction and  extraordinary rendition from Kenya to Nigeria. ...

ESN Not Part Of Dead-Men-Squad, BEWARE! – Simon Ekpa Cautions

Press Release From The Office Of The Spokesperson-The Indigenous People Of Biafra . 27/08/2022 ISSUES OF WHERE OUR ESN ARE CAMPED AND WHERE THEY ARE...


Facebook is correctly probing, "what's on your mind"?  The memory of the legendary Chinua Achebe is the thought of the day for me. "Things...

How Nnamdi Kanu Was Taken Out Of Space To Water Down ‘Biafra Agitation’ With Peter Obi

Politics in Biafran struggle cum political campaign in Biafraland.[Between the "DOS" and Mazi Simon Ekpa (MSE); who do you think has officially made impactful...

FACTS CHECK On Owerri 1 Million March On August 20th, 2022 for Peter Obi

Nigerians are good people who want the best and who also support the best;  Nigeria as a country has produced the best brains and...


Claiming That Biafra Is 5 South East States Is Fallacy, You Can’t Draw Our Boundaries For Us – Simon Tells UK

BRIEF TRANSCRIPTION OF SIMON EKPA'S STATE OF THE NATION BROADCAST ON THE 17th OF AUGUST 2022.   Good evening, Good morning, Good afternoon Fellow Biafrans and...

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