The Fear Of Simon Ekpa’s Expositions: The Restoration 0f Sanity To Igboland.


The Fear Of Simon Ekpa’s Expositions: The Restoration of Sanity To The Land Of The Ancients.

By: Nkem Divine Sunshine

For: Biafra Writers Of Conscience [BWOC]

Simon Ekpa

As we prepare to receive Elohim’s kingdom on earth, the nation of Biafra, one thing that is paramount is the need to restore sanity within and amongst our people, by extension our land.

The Igbo society of Biafraland was a society known for high breed quality and sanity.
The society was so sane that the land had its own cleansing mechanism.

No abominable or attrocious act escaped judgement as our ancestors and the custodians of our culture and traditions would definitely fish it out.

In Ala Ngwa where I come from, we had a sanitizer deity called “Mmetaranu nje”. This deity performs based on the common parlance: “O ji ofor g’ala”.
It’s work is simple, if your hands are clean, then you are free. If otherwise, you will be exposed there and then.

This made it impossible for people to get involved in attrocities and evil acts because you cannot return to your home.

Our society remained sane until the invasion by the greedy Whitemen, especially the missionaries who brought with them the criminal idea of a “merciful God” who forgives every rubbish committed by anyone because “our souls are so precious to him”.

Of course we all now know that the idea was to help them rob us dry while we forgive them and look up to “our home in heaven where we will not need to mine any natural resources to build our economy because everything will be already made for us by our merciful God”.

This is the point where our society lost it completely!

Those whom the society abhorred for committing crimes and any form of evil, the church received. The next thing they are made warrant chiefs by the colonial thieves.

They began to take decisions and rule over the righteous men in the society with their evil characters, hence morals broke down, decadence took over!

Year after year, the fabrics of the society got eaten up by the greedy and criminal attitude groomed and supported of the White colonial masters who ensured that uprightness became old fashioned and a thing of mockery in our land so that no one had the moral justification to confront and judge them anymore no matter what they committed.

Gradually we arrived where we are today – a lawless society ruled only by the love of money and materialism, where quality virtues and good morals are no longer of any value.

Criminality became the order of the day as the society got overrun by the criminals in leadership.

As more people got to know that it’s easier to commit crime as a government official and get away with it, they began to aspire for those offices.
As time went on there was totally nothing remaining to wage the war against moral decadence within our society – it became a free for all do as you like!

Today, we are getting ready to go back to where we are coming from.. everything has gone out of hands…

There is a need to reawaken the consciousness of our people to those great qualities that made our society thrive positively in the past.

To achieve this, a child (if not children) of necessity needs to be born to help tackle and confront head-on these humans who though are part of us, have sold out their conscience to the evil one.

This is where Simon Ekpa’s recent expositions on Biafrans who have erred becomes very useful.

      Ekpa Simon Njoku & Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

Anyone who has followed Simon closely this year 2022 can tell that a “different” spirit has possessed him.

This very spirit which is hell bent on securing Biafra is also the one behind the various expositions he has embarked on in recent times.

While these expositions are in no way meant to ridicule anyone, they have helped many of us to see some of the wolves who have been clothed in angelic sheep-like apparels within our in-house.

While the expositions on the leading DOS members like Chika Edoziem, Chinasa Nworu and Nnennaya Anya helped Biafrans to peep a little bit through the maze thereby sending them into the archives of the Biafran Liberation and Restoration race, the one on Enugu state governor has helped some Biafrans to recover their lands stolen in the name of state government.

The latest exposition on the aborted tomatoes project of the Biafran youths by some unscrupulous elements in our midst goes to show how much evil has eaten into our people that they no longer want any good thing to succeed in our land.

How Simon Ekpa gets the materials for his expositions should also tell you how much the spirit of Biafra has risen in the quest to be free.

That people are willing to release evidences to Simon without fear or favour tells how much close we are to our destination – home.

In all, one good thing worthy of note is that people are now becoming very careful with their secret dealings as no one knows which “onyokometer” is waiting to take it to Simon for the next exposition.

Simon has said severally in his broadcasts, “Even if it’s your wife that you reveal or discuss with, she will bring it to us”.

That statement in itself reveals that many people are getting tired of where we are. They want a better society!

For now, the Simon Ekpa’s expositions is helping to put things in-check in so many quarters that we can only hope for either more from Simon or more “Simons”.

Either way, sanity must be gradually restored to our society once again.

What we cannot afford to endure ever again in our new nation is the suffocating stench of corruption and wickedness that is chasing us away from where we are right now.

The kingdom of Elohim on earth ‘BIAFRA’ is for the sane with sound minds, not the other way round.

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